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VHornet, Inc.

VHornet is a development studio focused on creating cutting-edge entertainment experiences using mixed reality platforms.  VHornet focuses on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications and its founders and team members have been involved with these technologies from the first pioneering efforts, the first commercial prototypes, and the first consumer experiences.

VHornet’s world class team has produced products that have generated 100s of millions in revenue and contributed to blockbuster successes in film, TV, games, and apps.


UbiSky is a subsidiary of  VHornet and is developing a cloud-based Android Phone. This product is also the foundation for what we call the OS for the IoT (Operating System for the Internet of Things). UbiSky Enterprise Mobility Management reduces risk and cost from business provided devices and bring your own devices (BYOD). The UbiSky App for iOS and Android devices lets you have a complete second smartphone/smart device that is accessed from your existing device or any web browser.

Enterprise Mobility Management is done completely in the cloud. Users can bring their own device (BYOD) or the company can provide existing or low-cost mobile devices for their use.  Adding and deleting new users can all be managed from the enterprise web portal. All data and apps are securely stored in the cloud and mobility managers and users can add performance, disk space on the fly; paying for only what is used.

Visit us at UbiSky.co

Investor Relations

VHornet, inc. is currently seeking investment funds to launch an amazing product in Socially Connected Mixed Reality Experiences. Qualified investors, please send us an inquiry.