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VHornet Studios creates Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences for entertainment, education, installations and advertising.

VHornet creates its own compelling content in mixed media including animation, video, web, games, and stand alone applications.

In addition to IP for entertainment, VHorent also creates educational and scientific content from Doctorate level medical curriculum to K12 and STEM short courses.

VHornet also creates proprietary technologies that leverage extensive experiences in software and entertainment production.

Anatomy Demonstration

Our Partners

VHornet is pleased to be in partnership with the following companies.


VHornet has Partnered with Samsung in promoting VHornet’s products on Samsung’s GearVR hardware as well as in trade shows and conferences.


VHornet is an authorized reseller of Lenovo’s product line featuring Virtual Reality workstations and laptops. 


SONY – PlayStation

VHornet is an authorized developer for Sony PlayStation.

G2A – Global Digital

VHornet has partnered with G2A for content distribution.

Our Leadership Team

Award winning, industry veterans and leaders with highly successful projects, and revenues in billions (Yes, Billions!).

Eric Weiss – CEO

20+ Years of Experience Building World Class Experiences

Founder of  the Society of Augmented Reality Professionals

Known for: Polar Express, Godzilla, Final Fantasy the Spirits Within, James Bond from Russia with Love, PREY, Lord of the Rings the Third Age, Red Orchestra Rising Storm, Back at the Barnyard

Rick Johnson
Advisory Board

Rick Johnson joined VHornet’s Advisory board soon after the company was founded. Rick has an award winning career with Activision’s Raven Software and later moved to Seattle to join the team at Valve Software. At Valve, Rick co-developed Augmented Reality hardware and software with Jeri Ellsworth and spun it off to form Technical Illusions and CastAR.

Remington Scott – Advisory Board

Remington Scott, a veteran in computer graphic imagery and his achievements in motion pictures include supervisory digital production under filmmakers Peter Jackson, Sam Raimi, Robert Zemeckis, Bryan Singer, Hironobu Sakaguchi, Zack Snyder and others. Remington was the Performance Capture Director for CALL OF DUTY, ADVANCED WARFARE.